Stray Stories

Directed by Kiran Naig / Produced by Mathivanan Rajendran / Executive Producer Vignesh Balaji / Editor Venkat | Dorai Prakash / Cinematographer Hemant Acharya

Stories from South India that need to be told.

Episode 1: An Engineer Among Jackals
Earlier, this year we heard about Shwetha Mahendran's journey to become the first Engineer from the marginalized Narikurava community in Tamil Nadu. So, We packed our bags earlier this month and spent a couple of days at her village to chat with her, this is her Story.

Episode 2 : Children of an Urban Tribe
Termed as the Mini-Olympics, the Olympic host city welcomed young people of age 14-19 living in the streets from nine different countries. Children of an urban tribe shares this experience of our Mini-Olympians and their lives on the streets of Chennai.