Nirvana Inn

A Nightmare in the Himalayas

Busan International Film Festival 2019



A Love Letter to the Mob

An Indo-Dutch Coproduction supported by the Hubert Bals Fund



8 Stories from Chennai's Secret Bar.


Freddie’s Piano

A Christmas Miracle from Pondicherry

Web Series

Black Sheep

An 8 Part Coming-of-age Web Series about college drop out Shyam Rajendran and his journey to find himself through Stand up Comedy.


Stray Stories

The First Engineer from the Narikurava Community, A Gold Medalist at the World Street Games, A Walk down the Forgotten Armenian Street. An Ongoing Documentary Series about lesser Known Communities from South India.

YouTube Channel


A Youtube Channel World Famous in Chennai.

Theatre | Short + Sweet | Kaki Seni | Park New Festival


Journey with Stray Factory’s unlikeliest characters and places ranging from cinematic villages, narcissistic actors, Van Gogh impersonators and schizophrenic police officers. These plays have been performed across the country and the globe including Mumbai, Delhi, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney.

Theatre | In Collaboration with Madras Players

Animal Farm

A theatrical adaptation of the George Orwell Epic.